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The following publications are produced by the Safe Routes Partnership for use in advancing Safe Routes to School, active transportation, and shared use in all communities. To search for a publication on a specific topic, use the advanced search tool and start typing in "Safe Routes Partnership" in the author field, then select it from the list that appears.

2016    Fact Sheet
new seasons bike share

This fact sheet explores the benefits of making healthy food accessible by foot, bike, or transit, and highlights examples of how businesses, agencies, and nonprofits are taking action to improve transportation options to healthy food.

2016    Fact Sheet
making strides cover
Making Strides: 2016 State Report Cards

This fact sheet provides a quick summary of the report cards' scoring structure.

2016    Fact Sheet
mapping guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating walking route maps using free tools.

2016    Fact Sheet
people walking

This fact sheet includes tips for employers and employees who want to incorporate walking into the workday.

2016    Fact Sheet

Use this checklist to assess the walkability of your route or neighborhood.

2016    Fact Sheet
What Are They and How Do We Use Them?

Here is a guide to use walking meetings in your workplace to stimulate creativity, boost workplace morale, and provide easy opportunities for physical activity during the workday.

2016    Report
report cover
Using Data to Foster Walking and Biking to School

This report offers insights into how newly expanding access to data can assist in improving walking and biking programs, provides an overview of the current state of data access and its limitations, and highlights case studies of communities and organizations using data to make walking and bicycling programs and policies function more effectively.

2016    Fact Sheet
SRTS infographic

This infographic highlights the health and community benefits of Safe Routes to School.

2016    Report
State Report Cards on Support for Walking, Bicycling, and Active Kids and Communities

Physical activity is a fundamental building block for good health, and states have a crucial role in promoting it. States’ actions are essential – enacting laws and policies to support active, healthy lifestyles, devoting staff and planning efforts to physical activity, and ensuring adequate funding for walking, bicycling, and physical activity.

2016    Webinar

This webinar discusses the opportunities and challenges to advancing Safe Routes to School in tribal communities.