Biking Viking

Vienna Elementary School is famous for their Walking Wednesdays. Today, they held their third Bike Friday of the year with  a total of 62 students riding their bikes today. That equals more than 1/6 of the K-6 students. WP_000351

Parent organizer Sean McCall reports that more younger students are riding their bikes this year as compared to last year. Some students are even riding in on training wheels! Older students have become experts at locking up their bikes.

Using the school’s Viking mascot, students who bicycle to school receive “Biking Viking” wristbands. The wristbands were funded by a Virginia Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School Quick Start Mini-Grant.

One common concern about bikes on school campus is the mix of bicycles and pedestrians. Vienna Elementary allows students to bike on campus to the bike racks but teaches them to go slowly on school grounds. So far, it is working.

WP_000344It is not too late to apply for a Quick Start Mini-Grant to start your own bicycling program if your school is in Virginia. The last application for the year is due October 17th. For more stories on the success of the Vienna schools and other schools in the region, see our Best Practices page.

Thanks to Sean McCall for all the photos!   WP_000363

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