Bicycle Education Case Study Released

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) physical education program has a goal of teaching students life long physical activity skills. To accomplish this goal, PWCS is expanding the bicycle education program. Previously, two schools taught the Bike Smart Virginia curriculum. In 2011, PWCS added four additional pilot schools.

In the expansion of the bicycle education program, PWCS had to address safety, teacher training and the logistics and maintenance of bicycle fleets. As I speak with other school districts, I know these are major questions and or hurdles to implementing bicycle education. PWCS took advantage of existing opportunities and ensured safety was a high priority. Bicycle skills provide opportunities for lifelong physical activity and the district feels the program is very worthwhile.

The case study highlights how PWCS addressed these questions as well as their keys to success. For example, teachers that have taught Bike Smart Virginia developed a protocol for the classroom so newly teachers had a better understanding of what to expect in a classroom with bicycles.

The PWCS case study and more from the region can be found in our Best Practices.

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