What are parents saying about Safe Routes to School?

I have been inspired recently by anecdotes. Stories that have been going around about conversations or things overheard on Walk to School Day or in Safe Routes to School programs. This is not data, it is not evidence based research. It is how people feel and how Safe Routes to School makes a difference. Here are a few of my anecdotes.

Thank you for what you do. I walk everyday with my 8th grader and it is the only time he will talk to me. There is something about walking that makes him open up. -Takoma Park parent on Walk to School Day

I used to pick my son up from school on our bikes, we would ride the trails home and he would tell me about his day. -Prince George’s County parent

It’s Walking Wednesday-we should walk. -Fairfax County parent in business attire pulling a wagon with a bass when asked why she just didn’t drive the instrument to school.

And one more from a student, they are more perceptive than we think!

If I am really tired and I ride to school it helps my brain to start to get all those gears in action so when I get to school I am awake and ready to start the school day. – Fairfax County student Carina who was featured in Nickelodeon’s World Wide Day of Play with the bike train she started with her dad.

I know there are more stories out there, feel free to share them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “What are parents saying about Safe Routes to School?

  1. Trailsforyouth.org best safe routes to school story is about a return visit to a school months after a bike rodeo. A boy points to one of the TYO volunteers and shouts :thats him mom thats the man who gave me the bike helmet’ HIs mother who was working the bake sale table came over and said – “Thank you for saving my sons life” She proceeded to show us a picture of her son after a scooter accident where he had severe injuries everywhere but where the helmet was. The doctors told her that the helmet had saved his life. This one story has made 10 years of giving away helmets and teaching bike safety more than worthwhile!

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