Port Towns Youth report officially adopted

In a previous post, I discussed the impressive Port Towns Youth Wellness Ambassadors and their community assessment of the Town of Bladensburg. This week, the Wellness Ambassadors presented their findings to the Town Council. The Town Council adopted the report as an official document to be consulted on decisions about the Town’s Green Streets program. The report is hot off the presses and available below.

Council Members made several comments about the Wellness Ambassadors’ work. Council Member Brown noted that the report helps the community become healthier which leads to longevity. Council Member Ficklin talked about his recent bicycle ride through the area and that he definitely felt safer in bike lanes. Bike lanes, bike parking and bike sharing are all recommendations in the report. He also made the connection between the walkable, bikeable and storm water management recommendations and how it addresses environmental issues, pollution, drainage and health.

Council Member George had joined the students on several Fridays as they did their assessment. He commended the Wellness Ambassadors and said that people always talk about the youth leaders of tomorrow but the Wellness Ambassadors are the leading today. The presentation ended with Mayor James making a motion to make document an official document of the Green Streets program.

The report recommends Green Streets include walkable and bikeable features, way finding to highlight local attractions, storm water management, attractive streets and healthy food choices.

Port Town Youth Council Community Asset Mapping BLADENSBURG

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