Virginia QuickStart grants announced

Virginia Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School program has announced QuickStart Mini-grants to fund your unique Walk to School Day or help jump start your Safe Routes to School program. Information and application is online but some of the details are below.

First round of applications are due September 6th in time for Walk to School Day funding. Afterwards, applications will be accepted on the rolling basis with grant awards announced monthly. 50 grants of $1,000 will be funded. The first $500 will be provided up front and $500 is reimbursable after activities are completed. Funds will be available ten days after the award. Title 1 schools are encouraged to apply and will be prioritized.

Not all information is required but examples of application information  includes:

  • Letter of support from school principal
  • School enrollment, estimate of students who already walk or bicycle, number of students living within 2 miles
  • Current Safe Routes to School activities and those planned
  • Activity goals and how they will be achieved
  • Number of students who will benefit
  • If or how you will include students with disabilities
  • Next steps for your Safe Routes to School program
  • List of items to be purchased with grant funds

This is a new idea for the Virginia Safe Routes to School program, please take advantage of this opportunity! The application is straight forward and should be easy to complete.

The Greater Washington region network wants to post your Safe Routes to School activities! Send us a blog post when they are complete and you can be a guest blogger on our website!



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