Educating students to be safe pedestrians and bicyclists

We need more consistent curriculum in our schools to teach kids how to be safe pedestrians and cyclists. Successful Safe Routes to School programs emphasize safety and to achieve safety means teaching our kids the rules of the road. This is not just for their journey to school but a life skill they can take with them as they attend college, become members of new communities or stay in the neighborhood where they grew up. Educating students about how to be safe pedestrians and cyclists will make them more aware of all users of the road as drivers.

The Netherlands is the bicycling model. It is not just about infrastructure though, they have bicycle curriculum and testing as part of their education and at age 12 children are expected to be responsible cycling citizens.

Take advantage of the upcoming webinar SRTS Middle School Curriculum: Why it is Important and How to Make an Impact to learn how we can begin to successfully implement curriculum in our communities. Speakers are from the States and have success stories to share.

Date: Monday, July 30, 2012

Time: 1-2p EDT


For more information on bicycle and pedestrian curriculum, please see the resources at the Safe Routes to School National Partnership website.  If you are interested in working with your school to implement curriculum, please contact Christine Green, Greater Washington region Safe Routes to School network.

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