Health and equity in transportation webinar series

The American Public Health Association just announced a 2012 webinar series on health and equity in transportation.  There are three webinars that will focus on:

  • Increased use of public transportation;
  • Reduced injuries, particularly for children and young drivers;
  • Reduced inequities from increased access to goods and services; and
  • Other topics within transportation, such as updates on the federal surface transportation authorization.

As advocates, it is important that we understand the multifaceted issues involved in transportation issues. Understanding the issues also leads to new partners we may not have previously included. The first webinar is on public transit. Every public transit trip begins and ends with a walk or bicycle ride. Injury prevention is the focus of the second webinar. It will discuss how childcare providers and pediatricians can raise the profile of transportation as a public health issue. Finally, the role of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) as tool to address health inequities in transportation corridors will be discussed.

For more information, see the American Public Health Association website.

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