Create Change

Watching the newly released Weight of the Nation films brings tears to my eyes. While I already love what I do, the films are another call to action for me personally. The fact that we currently live in an environment that traps people from safely traveling to destinations, does not allow kids to safely walk or bicycle to school,  leaves children without parks, makes grocery stores inaccessible to families and healthy food hard to find is inexcusable.

This is why I believe in the policy, systems and environmental approach. Change on the case by case or project basis is good. Change at the level that affects every decision is even better. When we change the way we do business, we get better products. We just don’t get better products when someone pays attention, we get better products all the time. The “new normal” is healthier and safe. Prince George’s and Fairfax Counties are already taking action.

Watch the series, get fired up and ask yourself, what you can do to create change. If you don’t have any ideas, let’s talk. Or bring your idea to the Greater Washington network. We are ready to be part of the change, just give us the opportunity.

Weight of the Nation is an HBO documentary series on the obesity epidemic. It was screen a few weeks ago at the National Academy of Sciences and this week at Prince George’s Community College. The entire series and bonus features are free online. I blogged about the series in detail on Greater Greater Washington.

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