Wolfie’s bike train is rolling

Wolfie's Bike Train. Photo by Jeff Anderson.

Wolftrap Elementary School kids are bicycling to school today on Wolfie’s Bike Train. Headed up by Jeff Anderson, a parent of three kids at the school, the bike train has left the neighborhood once a month since 2011. The bike train goes on in all types of weather, four kids even braved 19 degree temperatures last year. Kids riding to school may have a surprise in store for them. The Wolftrap Elementary School principal has joined the bike train three times!

During Bike/Walk Challenge week, Wolfie’s Bike Train rolls everyday. The elementary schools in Vienna participate in Bike/Walk Challenge, an annual friendly competition that coincided with Bike to Work week last year. The schools compete to see who has the most kids walking and bicycling to school during the challenge week. This year will be the fourth year. Last year Wolftrap, Vienna and Cunningham Park elementary schools all participated. The record number of kids bicycling to school at Wolftrap is 75! Wolftrap also reported a reduction of 50-70% of cars in the kiss-and-ride during challenge week. Kids get so excited that there were even some dedicated walkers last year that ventured out in the rain!

Keep us posted on the results from this year! If you would like more information on Wolfie’s Bike Train or the Bike/Walk Challenge please contact Christine Green to be connected to the organizers. Hopefully Wolfie’s Bike Train will inspire you to register for Bike to School Day!

Braving the rain to walk to school! Photo by Jeff Anderson.

Wolfie's bike train fills the bike racks. Photo by Jeff Anderson

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